Introducing Fitzroy

Featuring a smooth-painted finish and classic proportions, Fitzroy is a versatile range that can suit a variety of kitchen designs. Consider pairing this modern Shaker with Antique Bronze hardware for a traditional look or opt for an integrated Outline handle for a more contemporary feel.
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See Fitzroy in play by browsing our gallery of kitchens, laundry rooms and feature pieces in our showrooms and your very own homes.



1. Our best-selling LeMans storage solution aims to banish dark corners, bringing all your kitchen essentials out within easy reach.

2. Fitzroy's simplistic Shaker style makes it the perfect choice for an adjoining utility space that needs to look beautiful whilst working hard.

3. Create a traditional feature mantle to frame your cooking space with Fitzroy's classic.


Fitzroy can be customised with a subtly sculpted Edge Handle, or a playful, circular Portal Handle, as part of our unique Outline integrated handle collection.

Choose from an array of metallic, timber and painted backplate options to complete your look.

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