BORA Stars

BORA Stars

As perfect dining table lighting, the pendant light sets elegant lighting accents. Use the variable lighting system to create different constellations of stars according to your individual preferences as a single light tube in a surface-mounted or recessed version or with three lights each in a linear or circular.
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Dimming for perfect lighting for any situation

Dimming for perfect lighting for any situation

The BORA Stars models with three lights in a linear or circular arrangement can be steplessly dimmed using a rotary knob or a light switch and thus easily adapted to any given cooking situation.
High quality and emotional

High quality and emotional

The BORA Stars vertical pendant lights dangle above worktops, cooktops or the dining table and blend discreetly into the overall kitchen environment, adding a touch of refinement. The light is available in three colours: soothing moss green, elegant black and picturesque rose gold.
Freely design to meet your needs

Freely design to meet your needs

Design your BORA lighting entirely in accordance with your particular needs, thanks to our configuration options.


The BORA Stars can be custom installed in any kitchen. The vertical BORA Stars pendant light is available as an individual light in both a surface-mounted and a built-in version or with three lights in a linear or circular arrangement.

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