Introducing our Outline Collection

Introducing our Outline Collection

By Michelle

June 10, 2024

Outline is our brand new integrated handle collection, which offers the most customisability out of all our ranges. The collection offers the choice between 4 handle profiles - Portal, Edge, Channel and Extended Channel, and is compatible with 6 of our Second Nature door families - Porter, Hunton, Fitzroy, Mornington Shaker, Mornington Beaded and Crathorne. If you are after an in-frame cabinet style, the Slab doors in our 1909 range are also compatible. Your choice possibilities are further expanded with the options of 35 painted backplate colours and 7 different additional finishes - Oak, Walnut, Carbon, Antique Bronze Effect, Brushed Brass, Aged Brass and Bright Copper. With these design customisations above, which roughly equates to over 2500 bespoke design configurations, you are guaranteed to find a combination that suits your needs, whether it is a contemporary or traditional setting.


Handle Profiles:

Portal is Scandinavian inspired, circular in form with a minimal and playful aesthetic, best suited for modern door styles such as Porter to create an uninterrupted sleek look. The circular cutout reveals a modestly sized view of the backplate.

Cut into the perimeter of the door is our Edge handle profile, which features subtly radiused corners to provide softness. Not only is it versatile for modern, contemporary and traditional door styles, it is also highly functional with ergonomically designed features. 

Channel has a contemporary aesthetic created by its rectangular and linear form, which creates a linear flow through the cabinets. Unlike the Edge handle profile, Channel is cut into the door away from the edges. Paired with rounded edges and an ergonomic cut out size, the emphasis falls on the modern nature of the slab frontal.

The advancement of Channel is the elongated Extended Channel, which has an even higher level of modernity. The German influence is clearly seen in its sleek linear design, which suits modern slab doors effortlessly. The long lines create a sense of balance and symmetry within the kitchen as it removes the messiness of handles being on opposing sides.



Oak is the perfect choice if you wish to match our oak internal cabinet options. It provides a timeless natural elegance that is guaranteed to compliment your space. 

Using a Walnut backplate creates a warm enchanting atmosphere through your cabinets, It can be paired with lighter colours for contrast or darker colours for harmony.

Carbon is an intense dark option with a satin finish for those who wish to keep the backplate classy.

The Antique Bronze Effect backplate has a luxurious fine brushing effect on its surface, and with its strong warm finish it is best suited for traditional elegant kitchens.

If you wish for a brighter, more modern option, Brushed Brass is the perfect choice as its lightly brushed surface is reflective yet satin like. It pairs best with lighter tones.

Aged Brass is a more rustic twist on the Brushed Brass. The natural appearance adds beautiful textural details to suit a traditional aesthetic.

A fun pop of colour can be added to liven up your cabinets through using Bright Copper backplates. They are highly reflective and bold with a delicate brushed surface, guaranteed to stand out.


If the above options are too extravagant for your taste, the same 35 painted colours used for the doors are also available. Using them results in a beautifully unified seamless aesthetic.

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